Gougane Barra

“There is a green island in lone Gougane Barra,
Where Allua of songs rushes forth as an arrow;
In deep-valley’d Desmond – a thousand wild fountains
Come down to that lake from their homes in the mountains.

There grows the wild ash, and a time stricken willow
Looks chidingly down on the mirth of the billow;
As, like some gay child, that sad monitor scorning,
It lightly laughs back to the laugh of the morning.”

 – J.J. Callanan.

Gougane Barra is the perfect spot if you are looking to soak up some of Ireland’s most stunning scenery.  Nestled in the beautiful countryside of West Cork, Gougane Barra is not only a great place to see some of Ireland’s history in St. Finbarr’s Oratory and what remains of his monastery, but Gougane Barra is also loaded with nature trails for those who want to walk or cycle among these breath-taking views.  Gougane Barra is also considered to be one of the most photographed churches in this part of Ireland as it is a popular spot for weddings.