Weavers Of Ireland is a brand passionate about Irish Craft & Design inspired by the vision of Cork woman, Maureen MacCarthy.  Growing up in the small rural fishing village of Glengarriff, Co.Cork in the early 1940’s, Maureen developed an appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of honest Irish craftsmanship from a young age.

Maureen’s love affair with knitting began at the tender age of four, and was to be the start of a lifelong obsession. Her skills were later honed at school, where she was thought to knit practical accessories such as hats and scarves for the cold winter months, as well as delicate crochet dresses for the summer.

Along with a developing love for her craft, Maureen’s other favourite pastimes included attending ‘An Scriocht;’ a social event hosted by Maureen’s family and other neighbours at which members of the community would come together to share their knowledge of old Irish folklore, legends and tales from long ago. It was this rich culture, background and heritage that would build and shape the foundations for young Maureen’s love of Irish storytelling and craft and indeed drive her desire to share these passions, experiences and stories with others, culminating in the opening of her first store in Glengarriff.

Today, the Weavers Of Ireland Brand continues to grow and flourish under Maureen’s watchful eye and is just as dedicated to sourcing quality, innovative and locally crafted products, as it is about telling the stories behind the artisans that are now part of the Weavers Of Ireland story.

With five stores nationwide, Weavers Of Ireland aims to represent some of the country’s most loved designers and craft-makers including Waterford Crystal, Avoca, Bellek and Newbridge as well as nurturing new home grown and local talent.

Welcome to our Story, Welcome to The Weavers Of Ireland!